One of the main features of the HLT Central system is the management of the centralized single registry, with the creation of a Master Patient Id (MPI), conforming to the Patient Information Cross Reference (PIX), defined in the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework.
In the case in which there are applications of other Vendors, typically LIS and RIS providers, the need arises to create a univocal data base of reference (MPI registry or Centralized Registry) connected to the HLT Central corporate registry. The MPI registry is the univocal reference of all the applications in the company structure. The unique identifier of the patient allows, in fact, the recomposition of all the administrative and clinical events related to it and is the cornerstone of a modern patient-centered architecture.
In short, the characteristics of the MPI registry can be used to:

  • building an independent registry database, connected to the company registry;
  • make available to all the Company’s systems a set of functions that can be used via the web for the management of personal data;
  • implement a database of accesses to the various application subsystems able to associate the patient’s identification with that of the initial access to the healthcare facility;
  • historicize changes to personal data (support for the concept of temporary registration of patients)
    unify the homonyms and double registry positions.

The access identifier will accompany the patient during all subsequent care or diagnostic episodes until the end of the inpatient or outpatient treatment cycle.