HLT Management is a Gold Partner of Microarea S.p.A. – Zucchetti group company.
This partnership was born to offer a single integrated solution that can cover all the requirements in the following areas:

  • Administration – General accounting, provisional accounting, financial statements, financial statement analysis, consolidated financial statements, depreciations, cash management, Spend-o-meter and multi-purpose communications, bank management, inventory books, treasury, data exchange, salary import.
  • Purchases – Supplier orders, purchases, quality control.
  • Warehouse/Logistics – Warehouse, Lots, Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouse Management System Mobile, Barcode Manager

HLT Management collaborates with the BMB company – Zucchetti dealer since 1988 – to fulfil any needs related to the management of healthcare staff and general staff, proposing an administrative solution – Staff management and organization – HR Infinity