HLT Central is a modular, scalable, multi-company solution.

Thanks to these characteristics, it is possible to configure its functionalities based on the actual needs of the healthcare structure following its development and process re-engineering, allowing to scale investments.

AREAS Functionality editions*
Lite Easy Standard Enterprise
Medical offices RSD Clinic Hospital, Research center, Complex structure
HLT Desktop ®
Unique centralized masterpiece
Customer records management
Booking management (CUP)
Centralized booking management (CUP)
Cup Web – Online booking
Cup Web – Online payments
Cup Web – Online billings
Cup Web – Online reporting
Home and surgery management
Stay management
Quote management
Phisiotherapy and machine management
Patient billing
ASL billing
Receipt management
First Note
Professional salary management
Higher incomes management
Document conservation
Data sharing with TS system
Waiting room management (pager)
Advanced room management
Patient wallet
DRG calculation
Internal messaging management
Quality assesment
Area Sanitaria
HLT Department ®
Clinical records
Nursing record
Operating room management
Operation registry management
Order Entry (richieste RIS/LIS e consulenze)
Pharmacological therapy (SUT form)
Diet and canteen management
LIS/RIS Integration
Acceptance report (RAD)
DRG development
DRG rating
Digital prescription
Rehabilitation project
Individual assistance program (PAI)
Rating scale
Planning home activities
Management home activities
Digital medicine
Management injury pictures
Internal messaging management
Risk Management
Accounting and logistic area General and analytical accounting
Management control
Business Intelligence
Warehouse management (Pharmacy, Departments and rooms)
Supply management
Seller portal
other vertical models of the CENTRAL family
Area Risorse Contract management
Professional management
Access control
Pro forma invoices to receive
First aid DEA First aid monitoring
Information for people in the waiting room
Transfers and fax management
User satisfaction survey
Cardio Management Heart disease patients data retrieval and management
Clinical performance reports
Reporting cardiological surgeries
Editing and filing DICOM images
Score calculations, reports and statistical analysis
Remote monitoring of implanted devices
* All the functions can be activated/deactivated as required.