Our Vision

“We believe Information Technology to be a decisive strategical asset for the growth and control of an organization”.

Our Mission

“Simplifying through innovation”.

We believe that strategic processes can be supported by stable and efficient solutions reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.

We are an Italian company very attentive to the state of the art of the world healthcare technologies.

We are firmly convinced that existing technologies, both software and hardware, when appropriately integrated and balanced, can improve, simplify and facilitate any healthcare process wherever it occurs.

We believe that complete and complex system should at the same time be simple and enjoyable to use and it should be developed taking into account the context in which they will be used.

Being ambitious, we have evolved our project by creating a professional platform with the widest functional coverage available today on the market, that has exceeded the limits of existing platforms through an intuitive and graphically pleasing interface.

We want to support all types of healthcare companies, whether large, medium or small.

Our clients are Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Residences for Seniors and Disabled, Rehabilitation Centers, Clinics, Physiotherapy Centers, Diagnostic Centers, etc. that work in the public environment or in the private one.  In convention with the National Healthcare Service, or with insurance and/or private care funds.

Our solutions are scalable, modular and customizable and facilitates the work of doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, but also psychologist, social care operators and administrative staff. We enable the creation of links between the various actors involved in healthcare and administrative processes, in order to reduce the time spent in communicating and retrieving information and documents.


Nursing homes

Residences for the Elderly and the disabled

Rehab centres


Rehab centres

Medical centres

Physiotherapy centres

Diagnostic centres

Sport medicine facilities


Rest homes