It is the HLT Central module, designed and developed for the departmental activities that allows the management of the various clinical performances that refer to the patient during the entire period of admission or during the cycles of care of the same.

It covers all the typical activities of the department, ranging from the request for radiological examinations, laboratory and consultancy, to the direct management of the consumption of drugs and other health material by the individual patient.

It is also able to manage all the typical activities of a complex structure, such as operating room management, meals management, room management.

It is strongly indicated to improve efficiency in internal communications and to monitor the actual cost of individual clinical episodes, both medical and surgical.


Clinic folder:

È un modulo integrato, totalmente configurabile ed adattabile, che permette una raccolta sistematica di informazioni cliniche in formato elettronico sui singoli pazienti.

Pharmacological therapy:

È una funzionalità che consente di gestire e tracciare le prescrizioni farmacologiche di ogni singolo paziente e di migliorare la gestione della fase di somministrazione da parte del personale infermieristico.

Operating room register:

It is a feature that allows administrating and governing operating theaters by recording surgical procedures and both scheduled and urgent endoscopic examinations, producing also the related reports and / or operating room registers.

Order Entry:

It is the feature that allows you to request specific examinations for caregivers, instrumental and imaging diagnostics (radiographs, resonances, ecografie, Tac etc.), analytical laboratories, and consultancy with other specialties.

Spending management:

It is the functionality that allows the patient to attribute all the material used for his clinical management, healthcare, medication and any other presidium.

Meal management:

It is a feature that allows you to directly manage your department, orders to the catering service, ensuring the correct application of special diets and efficient management of the service (menu choice and guidance on diet type).

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