RAC (Resource Access Control) is the system for controlling the access of free professionals and / or staff who in various respects works in healthcare facilities that replaces and / or integrates existing procedures and ensures the certainty of identity and the certainty of entry and exit time.

The software, through a fingerprint reader that also functions as a smart card reader, allows you to detect in real time who is present in the facility and also in which department, department, operating room, archive or other sector the staff is present.

The data is transmitted in real time to a centralized system that updates the list of present in the structure and publishes it on a web application accessible from the internal network, allowing those who coordinate the activities to know which are the professional figures present and be able to handle any contacts for consults, emergencies or anything else.

HLT RAC is also able to fully manage the entire lifecycle of freelance staff, from contract formulation, renewal, skills management, and periodic billing by defining the types of contract, the cost centers on which to report expenses and other parameters to be associated with staff and structure.

By integrating the data entered on the system and the data from third-party systems already in use, or directly from our systems (HLT Central or HLT Hospital), fees are automatically calculated for professionals, indicating the amount they must periodically invoice product and provided under the contractual terms.

Such professionals can be given specific access to allow them to automatically issue their invoice and hand it virtually to the facility.

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